Evolution of Genré

Some general words about this subpage; "Evolution of Genré". I've seen several models trying to decrypt the evolution of music styles. They were all affected by the authors background. So it is with this attempt. Of course, it's not a complete overview, it's as well a personal map of the world of music as I personally experience and love it. The Main focus spots on the 60's and the uttermost spectrum comprises the 50's-80's. I know a lot about Rockabilly, Psychedelic Rock, Acid Folk, Garage Rock, ... but you won't find me mention something clever about Latin or Metal. There is great music too, no doubt, but it's not (yet?) my terrain. What you are discovering here may not be at a level you find at university, nevertheless it's decade long gathered knowledge that constantly improves. So do the articles. Are you ready to dive into an adventurous exploration in music history?

This map in list-format gives you the overview. Each (sub-)genré is linked to an article examining them, gives soundsamples, related videos and photos to get you a panoramic picture. At the bottom of this site you'll a graphical family tree map. 

Beat Music
Merseybeat (UK Beatles Sound)
Mod (​British R&B/Beat/Northern Soul)
Freakbeat (​wild, psychy Mod w/o Soul)
Yé-Yé (South European Beat Music)
Nederbeat (NL Garage/Mod/Psych)
Jovem Guarda (​BR 60s RnR/Beat/Pop/Psych)

Garage Rock (& Revival)
Garage Rock (US & Canada 60s)
• Garage Revival (in all​ facets & decades)
Garage-Psych (mid/late US 60s)
Group Sounds (Japanese variant of US Garage/Psych) 

Graphical Family Tree of Genré's (work in progress):
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