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About R'n'C 
and me

"R'n'C is a very personal and subjective project, which is purely made of enthusiasm and where I put my heart and soul into. It evolved within months. Lots of sole ideas fell into form, culminating into what you are finding here right now." ...

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Evolution of Genré

This sub-project is based on the extensive knowledge gained in decades of elation for music. It's growing into an encyclopedia of music from 1950-80 and beyond,​illuminated by articles, playlists and a graphical family tree map showing the "Evolution of Genré".

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'Evolution of Genré'


On my MixCloud site I am posting DJ-Set's. Some of them are related to the written articles and embedded there. Proudly presenting; R'n'C is now on air all 4 weeks at Pi Radio Berlin. The Shows are available on my MixCloud site as well.

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Just a few month ago I started selling some of my personal Vinyl LP and CD collection. If you want to support me, visit my shop at Discogs. 

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