About RNC

Who we are
R'n'C (Rum 'n' Coconutwater) is a very personal and subjective project, which is purely made of enthusiasm and is where we put our heart and soul into.
We, DJ Kahuna and Katiga, are a music affine couple. Our musical horizon reaches from the 50s-today, covering a wide spectrum of genrès and styles. While DJ Kahuna mostly loves sounds that arose from the 50s-80s and DJing straight from vinyl, Katiga celebrates contemporary Indie, Songwriter, Brass & Latin with a passion for south american dances. What sonically unites us are the “Drei Fragezeichen”, which started in 1964 as “The Three Investigators” in the US, a still ongoing radioplay series, which became quite famous in the 70’s in Germany. Hopefully we will be able to license the sought-after soundtrack for a long overdue vinyl reissue.

Rum ‘n’ Coconut Water (short “RNC”) was established 2021. It started as a project-format for written articles and DJ-sets by DJ Kahuna, alongside a small Discogs-shop for LP’s, CD’s and vinyl singles. 2022 the first RNC radioshows started on Pi Radio in Berlin. Since the beginning it was planned to add a re-issue record label, which we are now, in 2023, finally putting into practice.

The “RNC” Label 
Running a record label before, DJ Kahuna got insights into the things “behind the curtain”. That’s why we would like get you some transparency, too.

Quality: The choice of vinyl-material, 180g and more…
We are to provide you with the best possible quality. However, we are a small label and don’t have the financial possibilities as the well known HQ labels “MFSL”, “Pure Pleasure” or “Speakers Corner”. But anything that is within our might will be done to ensure that your decision for the vinyl edition of an album will turn out to be the right one. Especially as we can understand the frustration of holding a bad quality record in your hands where you spend 30+ € for now, 2023, in which the prices increased astronomically due to raised oil prices, crisis, inflation…
We are pressing our albums on 180g vinyl, as this ensures a more rigid condition of the vinyl, less micro-fissures in the material, plus the possibility of deeper rills and therefore wider sonic dynamics.
For now we are figuring out the details on which material we are choosing for our reissues. Of course virgin vinyl is our aim, as it ensures the best possible sound. But further we think of using a special transparent audiophile vinyl material.

The pressingplant
Some of you might have heard of the worldwide pressingplant situation. The last few years there was an improvement. A lot of new pressingplants popped up. But as you can imagine the quality of the final products varies. In the past, before launching RNC, we used GZ Media in Czech as we were glad to get some free pressingslots there. The quality was a good standard, but the service and communication was suboptimal as we went through several brokers.
Reading an article about a newly found pressingplant called “Matter of Fact”, we were more than happy about their philosophy and deep knowledge about any aspect of manufacturing an outstanding record. So we made the decision to get our reissues pressed by them.

24- vs. 16-bit masters
We try to get the best sound result, that is possible on vinyl (within our possibilities). Maybe you've heard of the 16-bit vs. 24-bit debate when it comes to CDs vs. vinyl. Under optimal settings, vinyl can reproduce a 24-bit sound, a capability that CDs lack. This is one of the primary reasons why vinyl enthusiasts prefer LPs. However, many vinyl reissues on the market are pressed with a 16-bit master, especially bootlegs or LPs from contemporary bands that recorded their albums in 16-bit only. That's why we strive to obtain the best possible masters for our reissues, as we have no intention of fooling anyone. Nevertheless, under certain circumstances, it may be a better option to use clear sounding remastered CDs as source, if the original masters are lost, and no mint original LPs are available for reconstructing the sound in 24-bit. If you want to know more about the topic, feel free to read our article about audio formats here.

The distributors / wholesale / retail:
We are running a small online shop, but decided to give the retail sales of our labels’ releases to other record stores and online dealers. As we have limited capacities, we are supplying to a few wholesale distributors only.

You can get our re-releases worldwide through a varity of dealers here: t.b.a.
If you are a dealer, please contact one of our B2B distributors:

Netherlands: CLEARSPOT
United Kingdom: F-MINOR

DJ Kahuna: 
I'm DJ Kahuna, your host on this music & art exploration. When I was 6 years old, my parents and I moved and after a long time not touching the record player, they decided it was nice to show their son what it was like to listen to music when they were young themself. What they didn't knew was, that their randomly picked LP on the turntable made this day changing my whole life. It was nothing less than the red album by the Beatles. The whole week I was playing that LP over and over again, running around the playground lilting Beatles songs. In my youth, I was listening to 60's west coast psychedelic rock and sitar drenched acid folk like the Incredible String Band. I let my recordcollection grow while digging deep at fleamarkets, record fairs, online and of course in recordstores. I guess I was the youngest customer around in those stores back then. Within my twenties I became more open to music from other decades than the 60's and fell in love with 50's Exotica and Tiki Pop Culture. I eventually even worked as CEO for another record label and CD/LP wholesale distributor. So that sunny day in my childhood literally changed everything and built a base and gave me a direction for the future. Here I am now appreciating sharing my love for music, art and culture. You’ll find my radio shows and DJ sets here: https://bit.ly/44jMCLI