Garage-Psych (mid/late US 60s) | Evolution Of Genré

Before these lines, there has been an article about Garage Rock, which I recommend reading first to fully understand what was about to happen in the mid-sixties, that lead to this intermixture of two genré's that are otherwise widely considered on their own. There is something special when it comes to the mid-sixties. For some cosmic reason all over the world, there was a strong focus on anything beyond the rational mind. People started excessively to explore the mysterious, seeking mind expansions, opening "the doors of perception" and fulfilling the prophecy of the "Rainbow Warriors". While Garage Rock -until then- was about lightly revolting teenagers expressing their temper, this newly, globally enlightened aquarian mindset seemed prophetic and holy, somehow from another dimension. Introducing those two players, wild stomping 60s Garage Punk youth on one and sparkling third eye psychedelia movement, on the other hand, it's hard to believe that they found a conclusion in a mutual dance. But finally, they did and the result is as reasonable as it could be when those two worlds meet. Read more
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