Mod (British R&B/Beat/Soul) | Evolution Of Genré

First I had my difficulties with the term "Mod" because I tried to find the leitmotif in this Genré but there was none. I think the best way to look at Mod in the context of "Evolution of Genré" is to understand it as an umbrella term for a multiplicity of music styles, that the subcultural movement called "Mod" used to listen to. More confusing does it get when one look at the origins of the term itself. Mod is an acronym for "Modernist", originally a person from the Modern Jazz Scene. Modern Jazz was nearly out of date when the Mod culture started to take over London, Britain and eventually the whole world. Even Japan found itself in some mod revival hype in the '80s ("Bōsōzoku"). Before I continue with the actual "Mod-Music", let me draw you a more detailed picture of the subcultural correlation... Read more
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