Garage Rock (US 60s) | Evolution Of Genré

As simple as the musical structure of Garage rock is as much is to say about it. So where o begin? To understand the whole movement and the spectrum of what grew out of it, it is necessary to observe the social background. Like all generations have their break and emancipation from with their parents and oldish models of society, life and morals, the US 60s youth was not exceptional. A spirit of possibility and self-empowerment was in the air. Instruments and gear became affordable in the late 50s. The shift from shellac to vinyl and economic cheaper record studio equipment caused an explosion of availability in music. The expotential post-war birthrate did its part too. Imagine a youth placed in a cultural-timely setting of contrastly felt peace and wealth, with the drive to become independent and get rid of the old generations' oppression, to encounter the previous mentioned facilities of expression and self-efficacy. Guess what happened? Right, they took the chance to play their versions of the new 3-chord pattern music, garage pioneers set up as a blueprint... Read more
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